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Wheel of Life Retreat

Island of Saint Martin

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January 23-27, 2023

Come walk the Medicine Wheel of Life with us!

Step away from the daily grind and retreat to an inspiring place in nature.

Support your desire for change through physical, emotional and spiritual offerings.

Retreat Reservations

  1. Call us at +1-508-838-1101 to register for the Retreat.

  2. Pay your deposit. For secure online payment, please click the appropriate payment button below. Credit card payments can also be accepted by phone while booking your reservation.

Retreat Fee:

Individuals:     USD $3,495.00

Couples:         USD $6,490.00 (Savings of $500.00)

50% Non-refundable Deposit:

Individuals:  USD $1,747.50

Couples:  USD $3,245.00

Wheel of Life Retreat Fees include all activities and meals.
Transportation and hotel accommodations are separate.
Retreat reservations must be booked by June 30, 2022. Attendance is limited to 20 people.

Hotel Reservations

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An award-winning boutique hotel, L'Esplanade is an oasis of tranquility in one of the world's premier tropical destinations. Enjoy unpretentious luxury; sweeping, panoramic ocean views; gorgeous Mediterranean architecture; lush gardens and impeccable attention to detail.

  1. Call L'Esplanade at +1-866-596-8365 for payment and choice of accommodations.

  2. For your 20% hotel discount please make sure to mention Wheel of Life Retreat.

  3. A 50% non-refundable hotel deposit will be charged to your credit card.

Hotel reservations must be booked by June 30, 2022. Space for the event is limited to 20 attendees.

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Experience The Wheel of Life Retreat!

  • Warm Caribbean waters will cleanse and support your well beingness

  • Trade winds will carry your stresses away, help open you to quiet awakenings within

  • Fresh tropical fruits and foods will nourish your body

  • Ceremony and energy healings under the stars will clear blockages 

  • Sunrise toning on the beach will welcome the day and then a reviving plunge!

  • Amazing accommodations will support your dream time

  • Walking and weaving the wheel of life will focus your intentions

  • The sweat lodges will purify body, mind, and spirit

  • Making Prayer Ties will set your intentions

I'm looking forward to supporting you in your journey, remembering your essence and reconnecting with nature.
                      -- Peter Seymour Howe

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Your Retreat Experience.

Experience a great unplugging from the entanglements of daily life! A sense of renewed ‘beingness,’ greater clarity of life’s purpose, great joy in the heart, connection to Gaia, the elements and the Great Spirit not only around you but within you. A new awareness!

You’ll have time to create and send out to the Universe your intentions for health, happiness, and abundance. Deep inner cleansing of body, mind and soul of old habits, routines and unconscious behaviors. To give Blessings, Gratitude, Empathy, and Compassion for Gaia and all life forms. Including yourself!

You will enjoy gourmet cuisine provided by our private chef, exceptional accommodations, a safe, sacred space 24/7.

Retreat Schedule.

The Wheel of Life Retreat officially starts 8:00 AM, January 23.

Please arrive no later than January 22. Allow yourself time to relax, enjoy an evening of French cuisine and settle into what will be your home for the length of your stay. Play on the beach, check out the pool, walk the beautiful grounds. Consider spending an extra few days unwinding before we immerse in the Retreat.

The Retreat officially ends 4:00 PM, January 27.

You also may want to stay at the hotel after the Retreat ends to have time for re-integrating before heading home.

If you want to bring family, just know you will be committing your days and early evenings with the group. But we wouldn’t want to deny your family the pleasures of paradise!

Retreat Agenda.

Generally, our daily activities will follow this schedule:


Day 1             Monday, January 23

Day 1 will be for getting to know each other and preparing for ceremonies. We will be constructing the medicine wheel, making prayer ties, and building the Sweat lodge.

8:00 AM          Breakfast at the main lodge

9:30 AM          We will gather at the main hotel on the hill; so-called “Indian time” begins, meaning we will try to be on a schedule, but will see how the energy flows and be flexible.


There will be a mid-day light lunch and fulfilling dinner. Meals are served at the main lodge on the hill.


Day 2           Tuesday, January 24

7:00 AM         We will gather on the beach for morning sunrise with chanting or toning, then a purification plunge into the Great Blue Waters.

This will be followed by a sweat lodge.

10:30 AM        Breakfast at the main lodge

11:15 AM        We will gather at the medicine wheel to begin our journey

1:30 PM          Lunch at the main lodge

2:30 PM          Back to medicine wheel and whatever spirit brings

6:00 PM          Dinner at the main lodge

8:00 PM          We gather at the main lodge for Brazilian Light Energization

Later               Dream time


Day 3           Wednesday, January 25

7:00 AM          Sunrise gathering on the beach, purification plunge

8:30 AM          Breakfast at the main lodge

9:30 AM          Sharing at the medicine wheel, prayer ties, walking our path

12:30 PM        Lunch at the main lodge

1:30 PM          Play time! If weather permits, sailing on a 75’ catamaran looking for wild  dolphins to swim with. No guarantee the dolphins will behave!

7:00 PM          Dinner at the main lodge 

9:00 PM          Evening healing session at the main lodge

Later               Dream time


Day 4           Thursday, January 26

7:00 AM          Sunrise gathering at the beach, purification plunge

                        Sweat lodge

10:30 AM        Breakfast at the main lodge 

11:30 AM        Medicine wheel - walking your red road

1:30 PM          Lunch at the main lodge 

2:30 PM          Back to the medicine wheel to weave our life with newness

5:30 PM          Guided Meditation

6:30 PM          Dinner at the main lodge 

8:00 PM          Brazilian Light Energization, Group healing/clearing at the main lodge 

Later                Dream time


Day 5           Friday, January 27

7:00 AM          Final sunrise gathering and purification plunge

8:30 AM          Breakfast at the main lodge 

9:30 AM          Gathering at the medicine wheel for final journey

11:30 AM        Q&A time

12:00 PM        Final sweat lodge

2:00 PM          Lunch at the main lodge 

3:00 PM          Last gathering, sharing at the main lodge 

4:00 PM          Hugs! Blessings!

Evening          Out on the town for re-integration, French cuisine and fun.

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