Zyto Bio-Communication Scan

Zyto Bio-Communication is a non-invasive scan that painlessly measures the body’s electrical responses to computer-generated digital stressors.


The outcome is a comprehensive report that helps trained practitioners like Peter determine which areas in the body are being challenged by viruses, allergens, pollutants, and much more. Readings are taken through the skin via a metering device the hand is placed on.

How Does the Zyto Bio-Communication Scan Work?

Since each organ and gland in the body has a measurable electrical signature, the measurements obtained through Zyto Bio-Communication can determine if a specific organ, body system, or gland is being challenged or poorly functioning.


With this accurate scan, Peter is able to develop a personalized health plan that will help compensate where your body is lacking, bringing the specific organ or gland back to a normal state.

Ongoing Health Sessions to Improve Your Wellness

With each retest, Peter can monitor the results as your targeted organ, gland, or body system regains normal functioning. Once healthy, the body has established “Baseline Health.” Each year, a diagnostic evaluation can be run to make sure the body is maintaining its baseline health profile.

Achieve Natural Wellness with a Health Scan

Zyto Bio-Communication is perfect for people who want to monitor their health and address health issues before they become severe.

  • Learn what stressors are harming your body’s systems

  • Establish a strong and healthy baseline

  • Develop a plan to regain and maintain optimum health`

Holistic Health Asesssment with the Zyto Scan

If you find yourself suffering from any range of physical ailments, a zyto bio-communication test is right for you.


The Zyto scan identifies the challenges and root causes of your health issues and determines which nutritional supplements are needed to enable your journey toward optimum health.

This service is offered at Peter's office in Montague, MA, or remotely. 

With a deposit or purchase, a Zyto Hand Cradle can be sent out to you making this service available anywhere in the world. You must have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

For a no-cost introductory discussion about Zyto testing

or any of the services Peter offers:

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  • Clarify your health issues

  • Determine your health goals

  • Discuss how to attain these goals

  • Understand what services are offered

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