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Coffee Enema

Although a coffee enema may sound bizarre, it is actually a practice that has been used therapeutically for hundreds of years. Enemas in general date back many thousands of years. Hippocrates touted their benefits and some scholars have suggested that enemas were detailed as a form of bodily purification and cleansing in the Dead Sea scrolls.


The use of coffee enemas gained popularity during World War I as a way of reducing pain in the absence of adequate pain medications. They are a recognized medical treatment and detoxification method used by doctors and health care practitioners around the world.

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Some Benefits of Coffee Enemas

  • Improved Gallbladder Function. Clears bile obstructions in the gallbladder and bile ducts to improve flow, reduce inflammation and may release gallstones.

  • Liver Detoxification Support. The liver and gallbladder are closely connected and major detoxification organs. Coffee enemas stimulate bile production and naturally move toxins to the colon where they can be excreted. Coffee contains the compounds kahweol palmitate and cafestol palmitate, which increase glutathione production. Glutathione is a “master antioxidant,” essential for optimal detoxification and mitigating free radical damage. 

  • Candida Support. Candida is a fungal infection mainly due to dietary sugars, chronic stress and overuse of antibiotics. Coffee enemas may not be sufficient as the primary method of treating candida but can certainly help.

  • Parasite Cleansing. Coffee enemas may help to flush impacted feces, where parasites can reside.Caffeine is also potentially harmful to parasites and may help in targeting a parasitic infection.   

  • Improved Digestive and Gut Health. Coffee also contains a compound called theophylline, which can help to reduce inflammation in both the intestines and liver. Studies show it could be helpful for ulcerative colitis

  • Healthier Skin. The skin is our largest organ for detoxification. Many skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and others point to something on a deeper level, stemming from a damaged gut and gut microbiome, which coffee enemas can help to clear and balance. A healthy gut yields clear, radiant skin.

  • Constipation Relief. Coffee enemas can offer immediate relief from constipation. For chronic constipation, it’s important to work with a healthcare provider to uncover the root of the problem.

  • Potential Cancer Support. Dr. Max Gerson’s and Dr. Nick Gonzales’ cancer treatments are well known and highly respected. They advocate daily coffee enemas along with dietary and supplement protocols.

Necessary Items

  • Enema Bucket – Preferred to an enema bag as it is easy to clean and transparent to see flow amount

  • 2 - 4 Tbsp Lightly Roasted Coffee. Use only organic! Conventional coffees may contain added ingredients or agricultural chemicals

  • ½ Quart (16 oz or 2 cups) Purified Water (not tap water) – For heating

  • ½ Quart (16 oz or 2 cups) Purified Water – For cooling the heated water

  • Lubricant – For insertion of tube into rectum; a few drops of Olive, Sesame, or Coconut Oil 

  • Old Towels – To use when kneeling/laying on the floor; do not use good towels (coffee stains)

  • Fine Metal Strainer

  • 2 Cups Hydrogen Peroxide – For cleaning the equipment


  1. Grind Coffee Beans to a fine powder just before ready to use to retain the most active phytonutrients from the coffee. Pre-ground coffee beans are partially oxidized & should not be used. 

  2. Simmer Ground Coffee. Add powder to 2 cups water, bring to a simmer for about 5 minutes. Turn off heat.

  3. Let Sit for 5 Minutes. Let sit uncovered for 5 to 10 minutes to release the phytonutrients.

  4. Strain Mixture through the fine metal strainer to remove any large particles that could clog the enema tube.

  5. Add molasses, binders and any other ingredients * 

  6. Add Cool Water to Hot Mixture. Add 2 cups of cool water, then pour into enema bucket. Final mixture should be warm to the touch, about 100 degrees F. Add an ice cube if still too hot.

CAUTION: If the temperature is too hot, it may cause damage to the anus or intestine.


* You can also customize an enema to meet your needs, which may include liquid oxygen, parasite herbs, liver gallbladder herbs, antifungals, molasses, etc. The following are excellent enhancements; for superior results, add:


  • 1 tsp organic molasses, and/or


The following products from Premier Research Labs, available from our Wellness Within Reach online store:



  1. It is best to do enemas in the morning before eating and after the first bowel movement. 

  2. Before starting, drink plenty of water or consider using a liver/gallbladder tonic to open ducts. 

  3. A bathroom is the most practical room as a toilet is necessary. A bathtub is ideal not only for easy cleanup but it can also provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience while doing the enema. Just fill the tub with warm water, add Epsom salts and some essential oils. 

  4. If a tub is unavailable, spread old towels out on the floor to lie on and follow the same procedures.

  5. Apply lubricant to rectum and nozzle of the hose. Lie down on left side in a fetal position, and slowly insert the nozzle about one inch. 

  6. Another method is to be kneeling and lean on one hand and then with the other hand, gently insert the enema nozzle. Be sure it is inserted fully. Lower head down near the If some fecal matter is lower in the rectal tract, first begin by taking in a small amount of the fluid, hold briefly, and expel fecal matter. Then proceed to the first round. 

  7. Once comfortable, slowly open the valve that begins the flow and leave it open until bucket is half emptied (or until you feel full). If the flow seems too fast, close the hose clamp; wait for a minute or two, then open the clamp again. Try to take in about half of the liquid (½ quart) , leaving the rest for a second round immediately following the first. Close the clamp, remove the nozzle. 

  8. Lie on right side, (or if on back, try to elevate pelvis) Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to keep the liquid inside, like doing a Kegel exercise, or trying to stop the flow of urine. 

  9. Lie back and enjoy a relaxing bath during this time! Try listening to music or meditating

  10. Try to hold for around 15 minutes. For the first round, sometimes five minutes or less is only possible but it gets easier with practice. When necessary, sit on the toilet and expel the fluids. 

  11. When ready, start the second round, and repeat the previous steps.

  12. When finished, clean the enema kit to avoid infection:

       -    Run clean water through to rinse

       -    Fasten the clamp at the bottom

       -    Fill with Hydrogen Peroxide

       -    Let it sit for 15 minutes

       -    Drain and rinse with purified water

CAUTION: Please get advice from

a medical professional if you are:

  • Very young or elderly

  • Pregnant

  • Undergoing chemotherapy


      Or have:


  • Gallstones

  • A prolapsed anus, severe hemorrhoids or rectal fissures

  • Any severe heart or respiratory issues 

  • Chronic bowel issues

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