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Comprehensive Holistic Health

For Lyme Disease and Beyond

45-Minute Health

  • Clarify your health issues

  • Determine your health goals

  • Discuss how to attain these goals

  • Understand what services are offered

  • Decide what options and programs are best for you

Welcome! You’ve just discovered a path to your total health and wellness.

Wellness Within Reach is your resource for taking control of your own health care. Here, you will find information, support and services focusing on the root causes of many challenging ailments.


This is the place for people looking for an all-natural healing path, free of chemical drugs, invasive treatments and negative side-effects.


Our bodies often have all the necessary resources for healing and for maintaining good health. We may just need guidance, information and encouragement to nourish and activate our own natural processes.


Peter Seymour Howe is a internationally known holistic health practitioner; a certified Neuromuscular and Emotion Code Therapist who also works with a variety of other modalities to facilitate your natural ability to heal.


Peter works with clients locally at his office in Montague, MA, as well as globally via phone and Internet consultations.

Holistic Health Services Without Borders

A 45 Minute Health Assessment can help understand your health issues and how our services can help.

30+ years of success with conditions such as: 

  • Chronic or acute pain

  • Allergies and their symptoms

  • Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, or digestive issues

  • Poor memory, brain fog, 

  • Limiting belief systems

  • Anxiety, depression, lethargy

Peter is my go to body-worker. His knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. He also has a great sense of humor!

--Joanna Stull RN, LMHC

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