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NanoVi Pro™

NanoVi Pro™ is an FDA-registered device used to help regain, maintain or boost vitality and cellular health using Bio-Identical Signaling. The NanoVi process helps initiate the body’s own repair and regeneration mechanisms and reduce oxidative stress damage. 

Cell damage is a natural occurrence and NanoVi can't prevent it. But it can help cells after the damage has already occurred.


Our NanoVi Pro session is a painless, relaxing procedure that augments a signal that is naturally generated by the body and is essential to cellular activity. 

Sessions are generally 30 minutes but can range from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the your individual needs. This therapy is effective on its own or as a great enhancement for our Neuromuscular Therapy or other services. 

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NanoVi Pro™

Experience NanoVi Pro

How Does NanoVi Pro Work?

Cellular functions within the body depend on signaling between molecules within cells and among neighboring cells. The body’s ability to produce these signals is essential to health, vitality, and performance. If there is a deficiency, or if an extra boost is needed, precise bio-identical signaling obtained through NanoVi technology is used to augment the body’s natural signaling capability.


This assists the body’s repair and protection mechanisms and boosts cellular activity. The device creates the bio-identical signal and transmits it through moist air to the user via a nasal tube (cannula). This technique does not conflict with any pharmaceuticals and is a drug-free technique.

Is NanoVi Pro Right for You?

Yes, if you are looking for:

  • Faster cellular regeneration

  • Better oxygen utilization

  • Support for detoxification and weight loss

  • More energy

  • More vibrant skin

  • To support recovery from assorted health issues

  • Enhanced workout endurance

  • Enhanced workout recovery

Health & Prevention

NanoVi devices are used to:

  • Improve cellular activities including the utilization of oxygen and nutrients

  • Balance the autonomic nervous system for better sleep and rejuvenation

  • Increase cell energy production

  • Support detoxification

  • Promote vitality

Sport & Performance

NanoVi™ sessions are appropriate for anyone. They support both training and therapy by assisting the body’s repair mechanisms, with no possibility of interference or conflict.

Athletes use NanoVi devices to:

  • Speed up recovery and improve energy levels

  • Reduce lactic acid buildup and cramping

  • Improve resting heart rate and heart rate variability

  • Increase concentration and mental agility

  • Augment training while complying with the World Anti-Doping Code

Wellness & Healthy Aging

NanoVi Technology – Improves vitality by initiating repair mechanisms

NanoVi sessions are offered to:

  • Jump-start cellular repair which is needed to recover faster and slow the aging process

  • Improve cellular activities including the utilization of oxygen and nutrients

  • Balance the autonomic nervous system for better sleep and rejuvenation

  • Increase cell energy production for better mental and physical performance

  • Support detoxification for weight loss and overall well being

Bio-Identical Signaling

NanoVi technology generates precisely the same signal that the body uses to trigger cellular repair. The signal is delivered across a humidified air-stream to boost repair and regeneration. This patented technology is drug-free and sessions can be done on their own or in conjunction with other treatments.

(The NanoVi Pro™ device is completely safe and is registered with the FDA as a Class I device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease.)

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