1st and 3d Tuesday Evening Meditation 


Group Meditation Session, facilitated by Peter Seymour Howe. The purpose is to nurture personal growth, and support planetary love and being-ness. The evenings often include guidance as well as toning to clear and quiet the mind. 

This is an esoteric experience based upon Peter’s 30+ years of studies and experience. We will channel, gain insights, and open ourselves to the Great Spirit, Angels, Universe, and Ascended Masters. 

“Being in meditation group with Peter is like meditating with the angels (or masters). Feelings of divine peace, love and joy permeate the room. As these higher emotions encompass the group they are extended into the universe 

with the intention of creating healing and oneness for all sentient beings.”

-- Beth L.   

Join us at the Wellness Within Reach Office, 10 Old Sunderland Road, Montague MA 01351 (7:00-9:00 PM EST)

Or on

 (7:30-9:00 PM EST)

​$25 per Meditation, or $40 monthly.

 Or call (508) 838-1101

Ceremonial Sweat Lodge


Monthly, dates TBD (may vary with weather).


Gather to celebrate sacred oneness of life, express gratitude, set intentions, invoke elders’ wisdom. Based upon Native American practices and mentorship with Beautiful Painted Arrow and Spirit Medicine Woman.

Wellness Within Reach office, 10 Old Sunderland Road, Montague, MA  01351

Suggested Donation $65.



Peter offers workshops for groups to explore such topics as:

  • ‘Awakening your Energy Eyes’ (testing for Environmental and Nutritional sensitivities)

  • Lyme Disease awareness

  • Bath Therapies for Detoxification

  • How to neutralize EMF effects on Body and Environment

  • Any of the Services listed in this website

Give the Gift of Health

Choose any amount to put toward my services for the loved ones in your life. Then, invite them to set up a call with me to find the perfect services to solve their wellness needs.

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