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Peter is my go to body-worker. His knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. He also has a great sense of humor.

-- Joanna Stull RN, LMHC

Peter Howe helped me tremendously. Before seeing him, my posture was poor, and I had an altered gait due to arthritis pain in my hip. Through his massage, his education about general principles and my particular condition, and with continued daily practice of the stretching that he taught me, I now am improved to the point that I walk with my normal stride, almost pain-free. Moreover, my posture is greatly improved, and I have an overall increase in the feeling of well-being.

-- B.F.D.

Peter is dedicated to the total healing of his clients. He is versatile and employs many different healing modalities.

The diagnostic tools he used to determine my body's needs were accurate and targeted very specific conditions that we addressed. The supplements he recommended were top notch and very helpful. I saw major improvement in my health and energy levels after Brazilian Light-work.

All of Peter's energy and bodywork with me has been very helpful. The meditation sessions have been awesome.

-- Rachel

Peter's a compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding healer. He worked with me energetically and on my muscular system. When I was at a physical low point and regular medical care was not helping. After several months of weekly sessions I started to feel like "myself" again. Can't say enough about his holistic work. It is wonderful.

-- J.S.

There is no one I would rather work with on my well-being than Peter Howe. Together, with the Zyto scan and QRA we have tackled Lyme, parasites, heavy metals and the changes in my energy level are appreciable. I used to sleep late, siesta for 1-2 hours midday, a couple of hours prone on the couch after dinner with little to show for a days work.


There were a bunch of things taking a large toll on my body mind spirit. After my first 4 sessions with Peter I planted and was tending a good size garden, hauling 5 gallon compost buckets and building up a good head of steam towards being an active citizen once again-the me I love to be.


Through the Emotion Code work I have been able to release negative emotions accumulated from different periods of my live, resulting in more space in my body that is pain free. I acknowledge Peter Howe's life-long commitment to learning, healing and teaching and appreciate the honest experience and he brings to the work. He brings it ALL. Thank you.

-- M.B.

I have this theory that we live our lives with a billion series of energetic moments. Some times these moments come together and create wonderful experiences, or paradigm shifts. Meeting Peter Howe is one of those results of these connections.


Through a series of serendipitous experiences, I had the opportunity to meet Peter. I was seeking change, transformation. I don’t want to get too esoteric, but we have all been there: Restless for peace, repose and harmony.  In this fast paced stressful world, it is very hard to find this nameless tranquility.


My first meeting was insightful, and I made an appointment to have an energy clearing. I have to admit, I was a tad skeptical, not because I doubted his expertise. I just had tried my own ways to clear my energy, and was tired of being, well tired of trying. I am old enough to have lived through the “quartz era” of the 1970s, when crystals came into our consciousness, and like a million others, being not only disappointed but also left with a lot of crystals sitting on my windowsill and not knowing what to do with them.


Now, with Peter, crystals come alive.  I see them now as similar to instruments in an orchestra, each carrying a certain vibration or “tune.” Peter is like a conductor, bringing out perfect synchronicity with all the crystals in his “orchestra.” If crystals made sound, you would hear angelic “singing” with Peter directing various geodes and crystals.


So  this energy clearing experience was amazing, and it takes a lot to make me amazed. The energy clearing alone is breathtaking on a vibrational level, and since we are really all energy, think how great that is! But he offers much more. This is the entrance to even more talents. I don’t want to seem too mysterious or cryptic. All I can say is that someone out there may be at the same moment I was at, and maybe this will be one of those “billions of moments” that come together for that person as well.


In closing, thank you Peter!

-- S.L.

Being in meditation group with Peter is like meditating with the angels (or masters). Feelings of divine peace, love and joy permeate the room. As these higher emotions encompass the group they are extended into the universe with the intention of creating healing and oneness for all sentient beings.

-- B.T.

I met Peter in a serendipitous way. I had no idea I needed him but once I met him things just went the way they had to, which was the universe's way to set me in the path I needed to go.


Peter first helped me with my GI issues. I had been recently diagnosed with food intolerances and allergies. He helped me clear the parasites that plagued me alleviating my GI. Once I was feeling better I attended his prayer wheel and energy work. In one of the sessions Peter mentioned that I had 3 children around me and to be careful because they were all trying to come into this realm. I certainly thought it was a joke because I was more single than a dollar bill and to the rest of the world an old maid.


Well, only a few month after that conversation I met who is now my husband. A few months after that we got married, 13 months to the day we got married our 1st child was born and his siblings followed each year after. I'm the healthy mother of 3 and Peter met them before I did.

-- V.C.

My experience with Peter Howe, was necessary in my life...I was looking for long time for a person like him, with his energy, and honesty...and finally I find him. Thanks !!!!

-- Fernanda

I met Peter 20 years ago and since then he has seen me through numerous body injuries, pregnancies, emotional and spiritual trauma, not to mention day-to-day health!  His knowledge base never ceases to amaze me, and he seems to always reinvent his wheel, learning something new, or going through a spiritual experience that brings him to the next level.


Peter is knowledgeable, professional, present, and truly cares about each and every person who steps into his office. I trust him not only with my physical health, but spiritually as well. I cannot recommend Peter enough! Love to you~

-- Tara K.

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