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Services & Fees

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The Emotion Code

Releases emotional traumas embedded in subconscious memory from ancestral to present day. Once released, the body is better able to restore, heal and rebalance. Office or Remote. 

4 - 30 minute sessions: $500


Energy Clearing

Clearing blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies to restore or enhance energetic flow and well-being. Also effective for families, houses or land. Office or Remote. 

Duration varies: $200 - $300


Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Specialized form of bodywork to restore proper biomechanics and posture to relieve acute or chronic pain. Combines stretching, soft tissue manipulation, somatic exercises. Office. 

25 / 55 minutes: $50 / $95


Rapid Release™

FDA registered Class 1 medical device. Delivers precise targeted energy to release pain and tension with high speed vibration and short stroke action. Office. 

55 minutes: $95


Quantum Reflex Analysis™

Uses kiniseology and acupuncture points in meridians to identify key stressors or deficiencies in systems, organs and glands, then specifies remedies to restore balance. Office. 

60 minutes: $150


NanoVi Pro™

FDA-registered device used to enhance immune system, athletic recovery, and promote vitality at the cellular level for overall well-being. Either as a stand-alone session or in conjunction with other procedures and techniques. Office. 

30 minutes: $60


Zyto (Bio-Communication)

FDA approved, non-invasive scan via hand-held device. Measures the body’s electrical responses to computer-generated digital stressors to determine if the body is challenged by viruses, allergens, pollutants, etc., and with what to fortify the body. Office or Remote. 

60 minutes: $200



Infrared and negative ozone to help detoxify heavy metals, stimulate lymphatic system. Office. 

30 minutes: $25


Mud Packing

Uses specific minerals and clays to create bio-resonance and remove interference fields from scars and sites of injuries including vaccinations. Office. 

Duration & Fees vary


Sweat Lodge, Medicine Wheel

Gather to celebrate sacred oneness of life, express gratitude, set intentions, invoke elders’ wisdom. Based upon Native American practices and mentorship with Beautiful Painted Arrow and Spirit Medicine Woman. Monthly, dates TBD (may vary with weather). Office. Duration varies;

Suggested Donation: $65


Meditation Group

Meets first and third Tuesdays 7-9 PM EST for toning and inspirational guidance. Office or remote. 120 minutes;

Suggested Donation: $25

To schedule an appointment, call (508) 838-1101, or

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