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Peter Seymour Howe, NMT

Energy Work - Training & Experience

Arthur Ford International Academy

Certificate of Mediumship

McCaysville, GA – 11/1992


Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development

Certifiction, Metaphysician Practitioner

McCaysville, GA – 5/1993


Delphi University

Certification, Alternative Health Practitioner – 7/1995

Bachelor of Science, Transpersonal Psychology – 6/1994

McCaysville, GA


The RoHun Institute, Delphi University

Certification, RoHun Therapist – 12/1994

Certification, RoHun Practitioner, Spiritual Counseling – 6/1994

McCaysville, GA


Holy Order of the Dove

Initiate - Tenth Degree

McCaysville, GA – 12/1994


Sanctuary of the Beloved

Priesthood, Order of Melchizedek

New Cumberland, PA – 5/2001


Reiki - Usui System

Third Degree Shoden

Second Degree Okuden

Damariscotta, ME – 12/2001

Institute for Inner Studies - Master Choa Oko Sui

Certification, Pranic Healing – 7/2012

Kriyashakti Course – 7/2012

Pranic Feng Shui Course – 7/2012

Pranic Crystal Healing Course – 4/2012

Higher Soul Course – 4/2012

Pranic Psychotherapy Course – 3/2012

Pranic Healing Course - 1/2012

Various Locations - CA, WA


Traditional Ute Pueblo Ceremonies 

Trained with Grandfather Joseph, formerly Beautiful Painted Arrow,

and Spirit Medicine Woman

Bernalillo, NM and TX, PA, TN, ME, NH


Over 20 Years Participating and Leading Ceremony, including Drum Dance and Sweat Lodge


Over 16 years Sun-Moon dance


Completed entire Medicine Wheel, a 16 year journey

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