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Pure Water Distillers

Wellness Within Reach is proud to be affiliated with Pure Water Distillers,

the best residential and commercial water distillers in the world!

For over 50 years, this family run business has manufactured and is the leading producer of premium water distillers in the USA, providing the safest and healthiest water possible for thousands of families and businesses.

The Importance of Pure Water

The purity of water that your family consumes
can directly affect their health, longevity and happiness.

Water is the fundamental nutrient in our bodies and is critical for every bodily function, even down to the cellular level. Your body is about 70% water and your body replaces most of that water every week!

With over 85,000 chemicals in use today, human-made toxins have spread throughout the environment like never before. Many contaminants found in tap water across the nation have been linked to:

  • Numerous forms of cancer

  • Adverse developmental effects

  • Learning disabilities

  • Parasitic infections and intestinal illnesses

  • Heightened cholesterol levels

  • Thyroid ailments

  • Harm to the liver and kidneys

  • Diminished fertility

  • Lower birth weights

  • Other long-term illnesses

The vast majority of chemicals, however, have unknown effects upon our health.

Why Distilled Water?

A steam distiller is the only way to remove almost
all of the contaminants in your drinking water (99.9%).

The chart below is helpful to visualize the effectiveness of distillation with even the most deadly of chemicals, versus using a carbon filter or reverse osmosis (both which rely heavily on frequent replacements and cleaning). Our premium stainless steel machines produce the best quality and best tasting distilled water in the world.

Comparison, filters.png

Water is like liquid light. I want mine to be as pure and vibrant as possible.

For me, the most important aspect of using distilled water is
the effective removal of contaminants and radiation.
I have been using Pure Water's Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller
for two years now and I love it! It fit my budget and I use it for everything!

-- Peter Seymour Howe, CNMT

FLOWpresso® enables the body to reset.
It works to restore balance and regain an optimal state of well-being.

FLOWpresso Therapy helps repair, recover and rejuvenate, restoring us to our normal state of well-being. The aim is to support people to return to their ‘normal.’

Individuals have varying degrees of ‘normal’ which cause varying levels of stress, anxiety and tiredness. The issue is that we start to normalize the increased stress, the lack of sleep and a constant state of tiredness, and convince ourselves this is our ‘normal.’ This can cause our health to decline.

FLOWpresso 01.png

A FLOWpresso® Session

Objective of FLOWpresso Therapy

The objective of FLOWpresso is to help you release the toxins from your system, regain your normal; return you to your original energy levels and promote the body’s healing mechanisms. We call it the ‘FLOW’ state because it allows us to be present, allowing a balance to our lives.

The FLOWpresso Experience

FLOWpresso® is a combination of science, technology and therapeutic techniques, designed to help get the best version of you.

The FLOWpresso Suit

  • The FLOWpresso Suit fits over the abdomen and extremities with Velcro fasteners to ensure comfort for all shapes and sizes.

  • There are 22 individual chambers that inflate sequentially before its predecessor completely deflates, to ensure a selective progressive pressure without any flow back.

  • It has two separate modes (sports and relaxation) with different cycles in order to deliver a specific/individual experience for each person.

  • Pressure regulation can be applied individually to each chamber.

  • Far infrared heat can be delivered to four different sections.

  • Air pressure components are made from carbon fiber, which is more durable and easier for cleaning.

FLOWpresso 02.png

A FLOWpresso Session

Sessions are 40 minutes and are administered in person in our Montague offices. This therapy is effective on its own or as a great complement for our other services. 

  • Staying fully clothed (long sleeves and full trousers required), you’re helped into the FLOWpresso Suit by the therapist.

  • The garment has air pressure and far infrared cables which are connected to a computerized unit. The therapist will set your initial pressure/heat settings. 

  • The garment will inflate with air which creates a squeezing sensation, that should feel like pressure similar to a hug, with no discomfort. Following this, heat spreads through the garment pieces. This far infrared heat is designed to penetrate the body, not just the surface, to avoid over-heating. 

  • The therapist will spend time with you to ensure the settings are comfortable and personalized for your experience.

  • Once you feel comfortable, an eye mask and headphones may be given to provide an enhanced relaxation experience. This is to make sure you have no distractions and you're given every opportunity to let go of the daily grind.

  • The experience lasts for 40 minutes, while the suit works its magic.

  • The therapist remains nearby to assist if you become uncomfortable or have any issues/concerns.

FLOWpresso 03.png

How to get the most out of FLOWpresso®

Having several, regular sessions with FLOWpresso, provides the opportunity to hone in on what your body needs to repair, rejuvenate and recover.

You can get FLOWpresso therapy as often as twice a week, but it is recommended that you have a break of three days between sessions.

Contact Peter here to learn more!

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